Welcome to Inspire Church!

If you were to ask us to describe ourselves in one sentence, we would say that we’re a group of people who demonstrates our love for Jesus and for people through our mission:
to follow Jesus & to inspire others to follow him too.
We’re passionate about demonstrating such love not only through our mission but also by engaging our church community & growing spiritually. Further, we believe grace and authenticity are central to how we not only love one another in our church community but also in our neighborhood. We will “inspire others” to follow Jesus when we follow him by implementing these values: 
  • We value mission because it inspires people to follow Jesus.
  • We value church community because it’s the body of Christ. 
  • We value spiritual growth because it strengthens us in the knowledge & stature of Christ.
  • We value grace because it displays Christ. 
  • We value authenticity because we have freedom in Christ.  
Inspire Church is a member of the NorthStar Church Network. We adhere to the Baptist Faith and Message. View our Constitution and Bylaws here.
Worship With Us this Sunday!
15418 Cardinal Dr, Woodbridge, VA 22193
Sunday Small Group, 9:30am | Sunday Worship, 10:45am