Dear Inspire Church,

Thank you for your spiritual, financial, and moral support in these trying days. Navigating these waters with ever-changing currents has certainly been challenging from a leadership perspective, but you have been with us from the beginning. My heart is overflowing with love and appreciation for each of you! 

Our Leadership Team met on Thursday, and we were able to plot out what the next 4 weeks will look like for Inspire Church. As you can imagine, it’s near impossible to plan beyond that timeframe, as times, they are a’changin’. But we stand ready to identify our next steps in the coming weeks once additional developments for future phases from the Governor’s office are revealed. 
Because of the anticipated reality of a “second wave” coming in the late fall/early winter, we have tried to make our plans and communication as simple as possible, yet with as much care and safety as possible. To help prevent confusion, we are labeling our phases/stages by colors (red, yellow, and green). In the coming weeks we might have to add or take away from each of the colors, and we will be sure to communicate that change. Colors will help clarify where we are as far as gathering together. Please see the image below that highlights what each color means.

Here is some general information:

  • We are currently in Red.
  • Starting June 14, we will move into Yellow. We anticipate remaining in Yellow throughout June and the first part of July.
  • For our regathering throughout June to be successful, we are in need of some volunteers to help with parking on Sunday’s and cleaning restrooms during the week. Cindy Fox will be sending out a “Needs List” for volunteers to sign up. Please consider helping in this way!
  • There will be no children nor youth programs throughout the summer, even if we go to Green. Inspire Kids and Inspire Students will not convene until after our local school system kicks off in the fall. Because of the nature of these ministries, additional guidelines will be given and will be communicated at a later time. 
  • We hope to regather indoors by July 12, depending on what phase 3 from the Governor looks like. The main reason we are delaying regathering indoors is because we want peoples’ first time back in several months to be a pleasant experience. We are hoping that the social distancing and face coverings mandate will be minimal, so we’re not having to sing and fellowship with masks. “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”